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Prevent stroke and sudden cardiac arrest

The WIWE uses a worldwide unique intelligent algorithm which evaluates the properties of the ECG wave
to calculate if there is a risk of afib-related stroke and sudden cardiac arrest.
If we know about it, we can change it!

ECG recording

ECG recording

One of the main features of WIWE is ECG recording. Throughout the analysis the outstanding noise filtering helps to get the best possible results. The evaluation calls your attention to any possible abnormalities detected in your ECG wave.

Pulse oximeter

Pulse oximeter

Healthy or sick? Blood oxygen level is a very important indicator, which can inflict moderate exhaustion, but there are many severe diseases caused by oxygen insufficiency.

Pedometer function

Pedometer function

Find your road to a healthier life! The use of the pedometer function helps to reduce the risks related to heart diseases.

Make the change with WIWE and look after the health of your heart.


  • Quick Recording - The ECG is ready within one minute and results can be immediately seen on your smartphone or tablet screen.
  • No need to visit the doctor every time - you save time, money and you know your health condition immediately.
  • Results always with you - you can see and share the ECG record at any time or send it to your doctor.

Why is WIWE better thansimilar products out there?

  • Immediate and professionally precise record.
  • Compact small size, always with you.
  • It is easy to use.
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For Patients and doctors

Give WIWE to the patients. Its records can help you and especially to patients.

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How to start with WIWE

The WIWE can be used with iOS 8.1+ and Android 5.0+ devices which have Bluetooth 4.0.


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